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Our Instructor staff is comprised of several career Law Enforcement officers, some of whom are also U.S. Military combat Veterans. 

They possess a vast array of knowledge and experience. We have several decades of combined experience in Law Enforcement from the Patrol Division, Specialized Units such as S.W.A.T., Detective Bureau, Narcotics Unit, K-9. We also have high ranking officers with Supervisory experience, as well as Commanders, Assistant Commanders, Team Leaders, and Assistant Team Leaders from a regional S.W.A.T. team covering six densely populated cities. 

Our professionals have a wide-ranging background in training and operations and extensive experience in the tactical application of firearms. Some of our members have taught firearms and tactics for many years, and are also Instructors certified to teach by the State in a variety of disciplines. 

Some of our members are also graduates of many specialized training programs, including but not limited to; FBI National Academy, Rogers Shooting School, Blackwater Training Center, Heckler & Koch, the FBI Basic and FBI Advanced Sniper Course, and the O.P.O.T.A. Handgun/Carbine/Shotgun Instructor course. 

Our Instructors have also had the pleasure of training under several renowned Instructors such as World Champion competition shooters, FBI HRT Instructors, as well as Instructors from several branches of the United States Special Operation Command (USSOCOM).



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